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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 20, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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out. >> and we'll stay right here for the web version of us. and click on the over time tab. and join in on the twitter and facebook pages. tv version of us noon eastern tomorrow. and "happening now" now. >> we start out with a fox news alert. potential break in the big of the art theft in american history. prosecutors claim to have a big lead in the 25 year old case. we're covering all of the news now. >> what started with a stroke of the pen, dividing gop leaders in congress. some law makers backing down in repealing the health care law. >> a car careening out of control. >> how fearless police officers tried to rescue a woman moments
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before her car burst in flames. >> they could hear the cries for help. >> battling the blaze in an idaho home. >> wait until you hear who they ended up rescuing. -- it's all "happening now". >> but we begin with the war on terror. intelligence officials analyze an execution video released by isis. welcome to "happening now", i am jon scott. >> i am jenna lee. the slaughter of dozens of ethiopian christians in libya. the white house condemning the murderer and the executioner had a north american acent. they are live in washington with more on the story now, kathryn>> reporter: the analysis is
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goning on on the identity of the executioner who has a north american acent. it is the same as the other christians. they are trying to determine if it is dubbed over or a north american is letting those executions in the country. portions of the 29 minute tape appear to be digitally alter. and there are other things in the film that suggest green scene technology would be used. this is the second time isis staged a mass execution in libia. the islamic state is comfortable and operating there and fox was first to report that isis is expand nothing north
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africa. and isis is now blamed for 20 plots in the country. on friday, president obama addressed the growing safe haven. >> we are consistently looking in where terrorist threats iminate and libya is a area of great concern. isil is explicit of using libya as a potential justification for putting their personnel there. >> the latest video is described as having advanced post production and no guidance on whether they are professionally trained or sufficiently taught jenna. >> we'll revisit that later this hour. >> and we'll hear from our viewers. with news of another massacre is the u.s. doing enough to help the people of africa? >> in the meantime six minnesota
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men are charged with terrorism and for attempting to join isis. they were planning to fly out of san diego and new york to get to it syria it relies on a informant who was also conspiring to join the terror group before changing his minds. these are the latest arrests of westerners accused of trying to join the islamic state militants. >> australia, now the united states ally agreed to share information with the fighters with iran. the arrangement is meant to help the fight against isis and not help terrain. >> i want there to be no misunderstanding. the unit of supporting the iraqi government and we are there at the invitation of the iraqi
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government. >> she charged australians to stay away saying they would be killed in a joined isis. >> while we are talking of iran president obama doing a major sales pitch. by meeting with the crown prince of the united arab emirates. the iranian supreme leader is talking tough about the new round of negotiations. joishgs it is a complicated walk for a president who is convinced diplomatic solution is the smartest and safest way to go in iran and yet still so much work to be done before that possibility will be a reality. the talks are still under way. and part of that including talks with a key ally.
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crown prince of of the uae sharing concerns about a nuclear capitol iran and today their supreme leader repeating the claim that iran is only interested in nuclear energy and not weapon row. mong them israeli freedom prime benjamin netanyahu said the obama desire for a agreement with iran is unwise. there is a number of mechanisms in place to hold iran accountable if they violate a possible deal. >> our main concern here, is making sure if iran doesn't a boyd by its agreement, we don't have to jump through hoops in order to reinstate sanctions. >> reporter: clearly that is the rub.
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will the sanctions be eliminated in total? people are looking for information and small details like that we don't know what will turn out if a deal is reached by the end of june. we'll hear more probably from the briefing here in the united states. >> thank you, kevin. >> there is a way for captainingal republicans to repeal obama care. it can be addressed using a maneuver using reconciliation. the gop is divided. it would be vetoed and a way to achieve other goals. karl rove chief of staff to george bush and fox news contributor. democratsoused reconciliation to pass the affordable care act. and what about the republicans
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using it to repeal obama care. >> if they do use reconciliation to repeal it president obama will veto it. there is some who say let's not waste the time. they want to put everybody on the record knowing that president obama will veto. it the question is how much time will be eaten up with that maneuver. we are getting to a point where time is important. republicans are more likely going to run with a positive alternative as well. and it takes time to work through. that in the end of the day, republicans promised to repeal it and my suspension there will be an effort do do that. >> what do you advise? >> get it done with. they have to wait until the
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house and senate budget negotiators meeting in conference arrive in the final set of numbers. this was last done in 2010 to allow for the passage of the affordable care act. the republicans will be in the majority since before 2010. and they will be able to arrive at an admissibility -- added number. and it it will go to the senate. the senate is more difficult with the question of time because they are more free range and allow for more expression of opinion. it is more of an issue in the senate, they are feeling the pinch and they want to use the moment of time to move positive and constructive agenda on behalf of the conservative cause. >> use the time for tax reform or rewrite and use
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reconciliation for. >> one thing on reconciliation. tax writers indicated they want a bipartisan agreement so they can move a senate tax reform with 60 votes. they have a willing accomplice in senator wydon of oregon. so we are not likely to be an issue from voting the repeal of obama care. maybe other issues they are concerned about running out of time it. >> and now the big topic today. the new report out of the new york times. there is a new book that claims that foreign enitties who gave money to the charity received favorable treatment from hillary clinton while secretary of state. we learned of this and questions about the foundation going back to the washington post story
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midfebruary. what are you hearing about this, carl? inside of your circles? >> i don't know him well, but i know of peter, who did the book. he is a meticulous writer. it appears to be deeply researched and here are the facts. this has to be devastating and it is problematic when the clinton foundation is raising money from foreign governments at the same time mrs. clinton is secretary of state. it is also problematic that the clinton foundation is receiving money from foreign governments when she is comtemplating running for president. peter has gone to the tax documents and other materials in order to arrive at a picture of what this pattern has been. and my suspicion it will be
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a terrific read and problematic read for the clinton campaign. >> when the story ca it caused a big flurries back in february. flurries started and then the news moved on and what would have to be in this book that would potentially change the path that hillary clinton is setting for herself to be the democratic nominee for president. >> new information about the nature of the contributions in question. my understanding that more information about more contributions and reporting on who benefitted by the policys and actions while she was secretary of state. he is a researcher with a strong reputation of being straightforward reporter of what the facts are. we learned in february.
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but may 5th we will learn more. >> he will provide the information to washington post and fox news. >> great to see you. >> and fox news channel will have a hour long special hosted by bret baier on the tangled clinton web. >> right now, a reputed mobster suspect in the biggest art theft in american history. robert again toil told the fbi agent that he has access to two paintings from a heist. >> he made the offer to the agent. it was stolen back in 1990 in boston. it was never foubd. we talked to an fbi agent about the case last month. >> we conducted exhaustive
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instruction in the last 25 years and 5 or 6 years. it ramped up considerably as we had received credible sitings of the artwork and information from the public. >> we shall see. it would be amazing to get them back. >> and the dashcam video you have to see. a woman trapped in an over turned car seconds before it explodes. and growing demands for the justices to recuse himself from hearing a case on gay marriage.
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the officer used a comboif to cut the society belt and drag her to safety and then seconds later the car went up in flames. the witness described the moment it crashed. >> it went straight over and flipped over. >> the driver was air lifted to the hospital and faces charges including while intoxicated and reckless driving. >> luck there involved as well. >> gloe growing calls for two supreme court jchts to rekouz themselves. ruth va der ginberg. and elina sag an have officiated same- sex marriages. >> there are public calls and
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petition calls for them to recuse themselves from hearing the next week's case on same- sex marriage. it is gins berg's public comments that draw the heat. when asked if the country would have a tough time accepting a decision from the supreme court, she said that was doubtful adding it would not take a large adjustment. legal analyst are examining that and want her to recuse herself. >> the rule of law has been evaded on the issue of same- sex marriage. and people are hell bent to get a result that is what is happening here. >> many of the justices have given suggestions but nothing on the record that would require any of them to recuse themselves
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in this particular case. under federal law, only the justices can decide if they should be recused from the case. schedulia did that when a came under court. schedulia said cowers were trying to it excise god from public life. schedulia was called on to recuse and he did so and without comment of what caused his decision. >> thank you. >> in kentucky defense attorneys are trying to convince a jury that shana huberts shot her boyfriend in self defense.
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>> a house fire in idaho raising find it engulfed. they saw screens and found two parrots. and they seemed woozy. no one else was and that is good vocabulary by the friends. >> help four. and the attorney for shana
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huberts will try to convince the jury she killed her boyfriend in self deputies. >> she's got tough testimony against her including a former cell mate who described how this woman got into her cell and basically bragged about killing her on and off again boyfriend. >> i agree, john. the i don't think the testimony makes it a slam dunk. i disagree with people who compare it to the jodi arias case where she was convicted. there are differences and they benefit the defendant in this case. she called 911 and that is a compelling argument and confessed. jodi didn't do. that she didn't try to clean up the cream scene or discard the
10:26 am
gun. the woman had injuries that are consistent with the claims of being beat up. and her story remained consistent since day one and didn't change it like good old jodi arias. i am not saying it will means she will be acquitted but they help her. >> what do you think? >> i think it is the prosecution's case to lose. she claim self defense. she has shown remorse what so ever and not one tear questioned by the police. and shoots six times. 1 or 2 shots for self defense but six times and not forget the text message. one sent 11 days prior. go to the shooting range and i will shoot him and make it seem like know accident. and the confession to the jail house snitches. i understand that they look at
10:27 am
them and say they it are not credible. we have three, who say the same thing, she was not acting out of self defense and showed no remorse and did it out of cold blood. jail house snitches have nothing to lose. and if it gets back that she is a snitch who has a target on her back. and what does she have to lose that sheena made the confessions to her. >> she might get them to look at a post traumatic stress defense. >> that is the defense. and i disagree with anna over there. i think she was sobbing and croiing and once again the fact that she shot him six times. that doesn't look like self defense at first blush.
10:28 am
but if they argue she was a battered woman. you shoot shoot until you think that that threat is abated and they will use those unterigation tapes. look, how is a person supposed to act once they have taken somebody's life. she will be erratic or gibling or crying and nervous. there is no one way to react when you kill a boyfriend. >> and he was about to go out on a date with somebody else? >> motive is not required but it helps and in this case he was trying to get rid of her and cut ties and she was not having it. and he had a datelined up with a beauty queen contestant. and that's giving her motive and i think the prosecution has they are going to win in this case.
10:29 am
i believe that. >> we'll let our viewers know what the jury decides. and g.o.p. hopefuls are taking aim. >> i am worried that hillary clinton travels. needs two planes. one for her entourage and one for her baggage. >> are they getting their message across focusing on hillary and not each other. >> and lightning strikes a home in florida and the damage it left behind. >> it was 8:15, i want to say and boom, caboom. and that's how our sunday morning started.
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quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> the road to the white house is long as it goes. gop presidential hopefuls saving the political fire for hillary clinton. now it is hillary clinton's turn and takes it to the granite state for the first time. mike emmanuel is live with more. hi, mike. >> reporter: running for the white house, many of the toughest lines are focused on the campaign roll out and
10:34 am
democratic candidate. >> i am starting to worry when hillary clinton travels there needs to be two planes. one for her and her entourage and one for her baggage. just listening to her is something out of north korea. would you like to meet the dear leader and ask them anything you like? how does she get away with this? >> he continues to engage in town hall meetings and christie talked social security reform and pushing for means testing and boosting retirement age to 69. >> jeb bush talks about the conservative credentials and with his famous name he has to earn it and no one will give it to him. scott walker said he has appeal with a wide range of
10:35 am
republicans. >> that means tea party and social conservative. people want a fighter, they want somebody who fights and wins. >> it is early in the process and many of the people visiting new hampshire and not even official candidates at this point. and expect more jabs at hillary clinton along the way. >> early as it mike, thank you. >> iraqi security fores in full control after the country's largest oil refinery. they have clashed with isis to take control. here is the latest on that. jennifer? >> john, a little over a week ago. isis blew through the wall in the oil refinery and took over part of the storage tanks.
10:36 am
over the weekend iraqi forces regained control and here has it is described as perhaps. >> basic part of iraqi infrastructure. and they will control all oil infrastructure and north and south. and deny isil to generate oil. >> iraqi security forces were aid ad by the coa lugtion 40. there was 40 air strikes. and from a military perspective iraqis are back in control but there are isis fighters still believed to be in the complex and there were more air strikes carried out by planes. the kurdish government arrested the perpetrator of the attack in
10:37 am
urbill. they have not identified the suspect. isis got close to there until the united states pushed them back by air strikes. despite initial indication that americans were not killed, a popular american teacher in the 30s was wounded in the car bombing and expected to make a full recovery. >> thank you. and back here at home, severe storms. in ohio the storm took out lines in several states. one woman was kill bod a falling tree. and east milton. florida residents are cleaning up after a lightning set fire to the roof and fried electronics. >> the affects of the 2010 bp
10:38 am
oil spill linger on. a rig explosion left 11 work withers dead and spilled crude in the gulf. environmentalist said much more needs to be done. casy ste gal live in louisiana, casy. >> reporter: yeah john, it was the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history. 3 billion. billion with with a b, barrils of oil went in the gulf of mexico over the course of 87 days. no one knew how to stop. it the underwater camera caught the oil gushing from the wellhead. the federal judge rowelled that bp was negligent and were to blame for the disaster. they may be on the hook for
10:39 am
13.7 billion in pollution fines in addition to what bm paid out. >> we spent $28 billion far on clean up and response and claims and the gulf is recovering faster than anyone expected and the company spent billions more trying to get safer. >> despite new technology that was developed like the capping stannings that would go on top of a leaking well. environmental group to not believe that the gulf returning to normal based on their studies. >> i think that looking at past large oil spills and one thing they have seen, the consequences or the impact of the spill are often not known for a long time. we are still in that time. we don't know what the full
10:40 am
impact of the spill is yet. >> most fishermen and shrimpers say that business hasn't been the same sips the spill five years ago jon. >> thank you casy. >> isis slaughter ares another group of christians. there is more horrifying executions in libya. are we seeing a christian genocide at the hands of isis? and kim jon yun g. by scaling the country's tallest peak. >> and in a dress coat and shoes. photos are great... ...for capturing your world. and now they can transform it with the new angie's list app you can you can get projects done in a snap. take a photo of your project
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>>im gretchen carmson. you will meet the american who was accused of meeting others to join isis? how did he slip out of the united states. >> and franklin graham are we going enough. >> and what is the terrorism choice. anything with apple or google software. >> and an amazing young man who calls baseball except that he's totally blind. >> and isis releasing a video that shoes the mass execution of prisoners in libya. and the video is horrific as so many are. it shoes two groups of men beheaded or executed by gun shot.
10:45 am
and that is happening in northeast. is this genocide? here is the center fellow. fred. what do you think about that. is this what we are witnessing? >> good to be here. this is genocide. isis is not only at war with the world but christians and say you can convert to islam or you will be be killed. they are giving a choice to pay a tax without being killed. the objective of isis is to kill all christians in the areas it controls. >> if that is the case how did it change our calculation and the way we speak about it even as americans? >> it concerns me. i congratulate fox for uncovering the issue. i congratulate you for covering this. christians are being
10:46 am
exterminated and we have to realize we are at war with a global iideology. >> the president said in the past and recently just a few weeks ago, we are not at war with ice lal. but if they are at war with christians and then what does that mean for our strategy and how do we approach this group. >> gen a think about that. the president said we are not at war with islam. they are at war with us. we can't defeat it unless we recognize the threat. we need a strategy to focus on radical islam. and that is a global threat and not a regional terrorist threat. >> we'll talk about results and consequences. we saw the similar video a few months ago, we saw christians beheaded. the egyptians reacted with air
10:47 am
strikes. these are ethiopian christians and certainly do not have the same resources as egyptians. what do we do differently to elicit the results. isis is continuing to do this. and the results did not change even though it was met with more aggression. >> i have two response. the egyptian response didn't achieve anything. and i might also add the reason that isis is doing the attacks in libya is interesting. it is a permissive environment. they can execute people out in the open and not be subject to the air strikes. we have to have a strategy to go after isis everywhere. we could see executions like this and the u.s. should do something about it. >> if we see air strikes on
10:48 am
libya coast send jets out there to blow them to oblivion. if they are wearing line up of orange jumpsuits. we could see. that they are filmed out in open. >> and experts say there is coordination that they are seeing now and they believe that isis representatives terrorist in libya are working with those inside of syria and showing that the group is together and then the news of those in america being arrested because they want to fight on behalf of isis and the network extending to north america. but the broader strategy what do we need? the results are the same that isis is killing more people and more brutally and nothing is changing. >> i would add that we don't know the purpose.
10:49 am
they may be trying to exaggerate their ability in libia. they are pushing a global ideology. and we are focusing on a terrorist group we can't deal with a global threat. >> thank you so much. >> good to be here. >> north korea also notorious for propaganda could be taking it to new heights literally. state run media reported that kim jong-un climbed the highest mountain. the peak over 9000 feet over sea level. there is seems to be no end of what kim jong-un can do. he can fly a fighter jet and direct military exercises. >> he is be wearing a hat. >> a young vladimar putin.
10:50 am
>> that is propaganda for you and interesting to see. >> it would be funny if not so sad. >> it is true. >> and cost of a travel is going down. for all of us, it is not changing the reality for all of us. where are the savings going? a heartwarming surprise for a third-grader on school picture day. how this father-son photo bomb ended.
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right now there is a little good news if you're planning a summer vacation. domestic flights are down an average of $2 from a year before. flights to europe are about $50 less. the small victory thanks to lower oil prices and more available seats. but most of the rewards are going to shareholders not to the little guy. $2.
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home construction is low but apartment construction is booming in our nation's biggest cities. that report from denver. >> reporter: this is a familiar sight in a lot of cities, apartment construction all over the place. that's because a lot of folks across the u.s. are opting to rent instead of buy. >> i thought about buying. there's just not a lot out there to buy. >> reporter: like many, jess opted to rent instead of buy in downtown denver helping fuel a cross-country boom in apartment living. >> a large percentage of people are choosing rentals than never before. that's represented in the shrinking home ownership rate. >> reporter: last year home ownership in the u.s. dropped to 64% the lowest in 20 years. the apartment vacancy rate was also down in 2014 to less than 5%. also the lowest in two decades. resulting in a coast to coast scramble to keep up with demand. >> there are so many properties under construction that the shortage of labor is preventing
10:55 am
the completions from occurring as fast as they normally would. >> reporter: home construction once a major indicator of economic health now a new study shows it is apartment construction that's a major economic driver in 17 of the nation's biggest metro areas. >> about one-third of the people who live here work from home. >> reporter: another one-third who resign in the one city block development in denver work within five miles of a home that's more like an adult playground. >> they like the amenities and services that we offer as an industry. >> reporter: giant indoor and outdoor pools, courtyard putting greens, exercise rooms fireplaces and balconies with a view. >> it's great. it's almost like bringing college back. >> reporter: however rents are much higher than your average college dorm. >> i believe that. thank you. heartwarming video of a dad who has been serving overseas surprising his son by photo bombing him on school picture day. you can see the dad in uniform,
10:56 am
sneak into the shot at the elementary school in durham north carolina. when the photographer shows 8-year-old joshua the photo his dad is in it. the corporal has been in kuwait for a year. now he's home on leave. pretty good surprise right there. good photo bomb. we'll take that. a man injured by a toilet. next.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
time for the final 30 three stories in 30 seconds. chicago cubs pitcher refuses to give up with the ball gets stuck in his mitt during a game. he tosses his entire groove to the first baseman to get the out. a puppy stuck in a sewer pipe for seven hours gets freed by first responders. fire crews in maryland dug down
11:00 am
ten feet to get the pooch. a chinese man hospitalized after the toilet seat on which he was standing collapsed. he was at the airport, didn't want to sit down. >> so he was standing. >> yeah. >> you know it's dangerous out there, america. be careful today. thanks for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen carlson starts now. terror crackdown in america's heartland. the feds charging half-a-dozen people for plotting to travel overseas. and join isis. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story" today. . fbi agents nabbing the suspects during raids in the twin cities in dag oversan diego over the weekend all somalis from minnesota. investigators warning that state has become a hotbed for breeding terrorists. >> to be clear we have terror recruiting problem in minnesota. >> mike tobin live in chicago with more. what is going on? we've heard about this per


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